Due to the multitude of designer colors plaguing the Labrador Retriever breed (champagne, white, cream, polar bear white, silver, charcoal, blue, etc.) … TENACITY Labradors will not provide an 'outside' stud service to people that cannot provide a paper trail of DNA tests performed to prove DD, a legitimate pedigree, nor to people we do not know!
GRCH CH Labraharvest Tenacity's Gain RN CGN
Gainer is a wonderful young boy who is always eager to please! He is our first show dog and the dog of my Heart!

He is gentle with children, animals and other dogs!
Loves to retrieve and really has that 'Show' attitude!

He is defined by his lovely, caring expression and his constantly wagging tail!

A special thank you to Anne Torrie (Labraharvest Labradors) for allowing this wonderful boy to share our lives!

May 8 2012 - Feb 23 2023